120 Degree Workstation Spaces — where collaboration meets personal space.

The natural angle created here allows for easy arm and body movement. The space created also has an encapsulated feel that encourages personal space, while being adjacent to co-workers’ spaces. Standard features include:

  • Generous 60″ x 60″ desktop (custom sizes available) on a standardized base framework that accommodates any of our LimbCraft leg designs.
  • Integrated wire management trough easily accessed from the desktop.
  • TuffCoat UV finished desktops that feature superior scratch resistance and show no staining from even some of the worst offenders like coffee, lemon juice, vinegar, grape juice and even 100-proof alcohol.

Accessories for our 120s include: Pre-wired 120v & USB charging receptacles for hidden placement and easy access in the wire trough, Mobile Pedestals with lockable personal and file drawers, Fixed Box-Box-File Pedestals with or without locks, and Table-Supporting Credenzas with paired doors and BBF drawers.

Our 120 Degree Workstations offer contemporary styling and superior adaptability. Fill an entire office with collaborative work stations that are real wood pieces made with finely crafted joinery, all the while fostering the cutting-edge culture you work so hard to build.


LimbCraft by Wood Cubicles

LimbCraft means we build your furniture with your leg selections, for the perfect collaborative workspace.

Wood Cubicles designs are made whole by our exclusive LimbCraft collection of leg designs. Whether they are in a single room or spread throughout the entire office, our LimbCraft legs take a strong lead in defining the space. From rustic to formal, from ultra-modern to classic traditional, LimbCraft legs carry the design. See Details



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