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WOOD CUBICLES is a state-of-the-art corporate furniture resource for companies wishing to bring a warm and comforting environment to their employees.

We specialize in manufacturing wood cubicles that are strong and well made. Our design team works with you every step of the way providing you with photorealistic renderings of your project so you know exactly what it will look like before it begins. You have options in the design or can choose from a number of standard products.

The question to ask yourself is not why would you purchase our cubicles, it’s why wouldn’t you? The quality of construction is unmatched. Wood’s look and feel brings a warmth to your workspace that enhances the culture of your company and your brand. There are no plastic laminate surfaces, only real wood which will impress both your employees and any clients who enter your spaces.

Wood Cubicles are available in selections to fit almost any budget. What surprises many people is that their budget is actually more than our Wood Cubicles cost, because their budget was based on the “same old” steel, sheet metal, plastic and fabric panel systems that have given cubicles their rightfully-deserved bad name.  If you’re paying for office furniture, shouldn’t it look like furniture?  Our patent-pending technology that makes Wood Cubicles possible also makes them affordable — with configurations to fit almost any floor plan.

Wood Cubicles are manufactured exclusively by Vine & Branches Fine Woodworks, a dba of Mono-Parts Technology LLC in Gunter, TX, USA. Mono-Parts Technology LLC was formed in 2014 as a new entity to assume full ownership of Vine & Branches Fine Woodworks, which has been serving the DFW Metroplex with artisan craftsmanship since 1998. Since that time, Mono-Parts has grown the company exponentially in staffing, annual revenues and the markets served. In 2017, Vine & Branches was commissioned to build wood cubicles and many other office furnishings for a growing business in the DFW Metroplex. And so was born Wood Cubicles. With patent-pending designs and manufacturing methods, Wood Cubicles is quickly becoming a go-to resource for all things wood in the corporate environment.


Danny Jackson, Partner & CEO

From the time he cut out his first pinewood derby car a few decades ago, Danny has had a love for woodworking. He turned his passion into a career in 1998 when he founded Vine & Branches Fine Woodworks. Since that time he has continued to hone his craft as an artisan, innovator and entrepreneur. In 2014 he earned a US Patent for a design and method of manufacturing and has other patents pending for the same. After surviving a near-deadly motorcycle crash in 2016, Danny’s renewed sense of purpose has fueled unprecedented growth both in his personal life and in his profession. He sees every day as a new opportunity to fulfill his life mission statement: Make God look good. He does that by making sure that everything that bears the company name would make God smile. He loves his wife of nearly 25 years more than ever before and enjoys hunting and fishing.

Mike Mortenson, Chief Operating Officer

Mike retired from the Navy in 2012 after over 20 years working in Special Operations and Intelligence. After retiring Mike worked as a consultant in the federal sector for Deloitte for almost 6 years specializing in management consulting, operations, business process design, strategic communications, change management, knowledge management, planning, and supply chain. Mike lives happily with his wife Laura and has 6 boys, the oldest being 20 and the youngest just born this summer.



The Modern Sawhorse System — a benching solution for any decor

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The Heritage Call Center System

The Heritage Call Center System provides a flexible, scalable solution for your call center needs.  With built-in cable management, the system provides flexibility to meet the demands of a technology  driven world.  Learn More


The Right Angle Cubicle System

The Right Angle Cubicle System provides a scalable solution that can grow as your business grows.  This comforting space gives your employees a home away from home and promotes collaboration.  Learn More


Masterpiece Premier Series

Our Masterpiece Premier Series provides elegant artisan-crafted pieces for your reception area, conference rooms, and executive offices. Your reception area is often the first impression for your customers. Learn More


  1. Free Consultation – by phone or email
  2. Submit your floor plan
  3. Make species selection(s)
  4. CAD drawings and digital renderings prepared along with project cost
  5. Drawings review and order placement
  6. Turn-Key Production, Delivery & Installation

Wood Cubicles

Wood Cubicles is a state-of-the-art corporate furniture resource for companies wishing to bring a warm and comforting environment to their employees.


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