Heritage Call Center Cubicles

Heritage Call Center Cubicles

If you want an economical and beautiful call center option that reflects the way you’ve always done it – Heritage Call Center Cubicles are just for you. And like all the other Wood Cubicles, LimbCraft Leg options are available so you can dress them up for the gala for just a few dollars more.

These provide a flexible, scalable solution for your call center needs. With built-in cable management, the system provides flexibility to meet the demands of a technology driven world. Options far from being cookie-cutter.

  • So-named for its similarity to many call center layouts, Call Center Cubicles make efficient use of small areas, and adds the warmth and beauty of wood. Each station is 48” wide, 22” deep and the wall cap finish height is 49”.
  • Available in position multiples of 4, they include acoustically-insulated wood panels on three sides of each workspace, an individually-keyed lockable personal belongings cabinet, and integrated wire management that serves each 4-position cluster.
  • Add even more elegance with a custom wood species selection for the wall caps. For some, it’s literally the cherry on top.


LimbCraft by Wood Cubicles

LimbCraft means we build your furniture with your leg selections, for the perfect collaborative workspace.

Wood Cubicles designs are made whole by our exclusive LimbCraft collection of leg designs. Whether they are in a single room or spread throughout the entire office, our LimbCraft legs take a strong lead in defining the space. From rustic to formal, from ultra-modern to classic traditional, LimbCraft legs carry the design. See Details



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