Wood Cubicles materials — we only use quality, real, beautiful wood.

Beech, Maple, Red Oak, Cherry, White Oak, Mahogany and American Black Walnut hardwoods are our standard selections. Most catalog selections can be manufactured with almost any hardwood you desire — a custom price quote will be required.


Wood Cubicles’ base material is the super-stable, beautiful multi-ply Baltic Birch. Its alternating grain core veneers are void-free, consistently-sized and tailor-made for exposed edges. We also use fine quality solid hardwoods for our accents.

For protection, very exposed surface gets our TuffCoat UV finish, which features superior scratch resistance and shows no staining from some of the worst offenders like coffee, lemon juice, vinegar, grape juice and even 100-proof alcohol.

Wood Cubicles uses solid hardwoods; most any hardwood you desire may be used in construction.


LimbCraft by Wood Cubicles

LimbCraft means we build your furniture with your leg selections, for the perfect collaborative workspace.

Wood Cubicles designs are made whole by our exclusive LimbCraft collection of leg designs. Whether they are in a single room or spread throughout the entire office, our LimbCraft legs take a strong lead in defining the space. From rustic to formal, from ultra-modern to classic traditional, LimbCraft legs carry the design. See Details



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