The Modern Sawhorse System — a benching solution for any decor

So-named for its versatility, utility and close resemblance to the carpenter’s old friend, The Modern Sawhorse System is a staple of the Wood Cubicles line. Better known around our manufacturing campus as “The MSS,” it has quickly become a bestseller among our patent- pending systems. Its interchangeable legs allow the MSS to complement virtually any design scheme — from rustic industrial to ultra modern to the most traditional. It is even adaptable enough that our design professionals can create one-of-a-kind legs that are exclusively yours. MSS standard features include:

  • Generous 60″ x 60″ desktop (custom sizes available) on a standardized base framework that accommodates any of our leg designs.
  • Integrated wire management trough easily accessed from the desktop.
  • TuffCoat UV finished desktops that feature superior scratch resistance and show no staining from even some of the worst offenders like coffee, lemon juice, vinegar, grape juice and even 100-proof alcohol.

Accessories available for the MSS include: Pre-wired 120v & USB charging receptacles for hidden placement and easy access in the wire trough, Mobile Pedestals with lockable personal and file drawers, Fixed Box-Box-File Pedestals with or without locks, and Table-Supporting Credenzas with paired doors and BBF drawers.

The best Surprise? The Modern Sawhorse System typically costs less than most cubicle systems. With its contemporary styling and endless adaptability, you can fill an entire office with collaborative work stations that are real wood furniture made with finely crafted joinery, all the while fostering the cutting edge culture you work so hard to build.

The Heritage Call Center System

The Heritage Call Center System provides a flexible, scalable solution for your call center needs.  With built-in cable management, the system provides flexibility to meet the demands of a technology driven world. Create a workspace that brings the value of your brand to life.

  • So-named for its similarity to many call center layouts, the Heritage Call Center System makes efficient use of small areas, and adds the warmth and beauty of wood. Each station is 48” wide, 22” deep and the wall cap finish height is 49”.
  • Available in position multiples of 4, the Heritage System includes acoustically-insulated wood panels on three sides of each workspace, an individually-keyed lockable personal belongings cabinet, and integrated wire management that serves each 4-position cluster.
  • Add even more elegance with a custom wood species selection for the wall caps. For some, it’s literally the cherry on top.

The Right Angle Cubicle System

The Right Angle Cubicle System provides a scalable solution that can grow as your business grows.  This comforting space gives your employees a home away from home and promotes collaboration. The system is flexible and can accommodate a variety of configurations.

  • Standard Modular sizes are 6’x6’, 7’x7’ and 8’x8’. Custom sizes can be made as well.
  • Our patent-pending assembly offers a virtually unlimited combination of configurations to fit your office space perfectly.
  • Each workspace position includes: a single door & drawer cabinet (an optional second cabinet could be added in place of the leg assembly); choice of 45-degree or concave radius baltic birch desktop; 50” tall acoustically insulated partitions; baltic birch wall cap.
  • Premium hardwood wall cap options are available.

Masterpiece Premier Series

Our Masterpiece Premier Series provides elegant artisan-crafted pieces for your reception area, conference rooms, and executive offices. Your reception area is often the first impression for your customers. You close some of your most lucrative contracts at the conference table, and you host your most distinguished guests in your executive offices.  Stand out from your competition and create the space that you deserve.

  • The near-extinct art of craftsmanship still thrives here. We can work with you individually to create genuine, one-of-a-kind pieces that command attention anytime someone new walks into the room.
  • We have both the talent and the technology to make almost anything out of wood in a timely manner.
  • The sign that hangs over our shop floor reads: “Craftsmanship: The art of work.”

Wood Cubicles

Wood Cubicles is a state-of-the-art corporate furniture resource for companies wishing to bring a warm and comforting environment to their employees.


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